Up Coming Activity

What: Pick N Earn Wa

When: 03/22/2020 @8AM~9AM

Where: 91FWY EB Carmenita, Cerritos

Why: FWY Exit has a lot of litter

How: Pickup Litter, Pickup Language


Making What Makes Wa

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Pick N Earn Wa

-Shutoku no Wa-

Pick up Language while pick up Litter

For those of you have been learning Japanese, or even just started leaning or simply interested in Japanese anything, we are here to share evething we can!

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We, WaninaruWa, are a volunteer group in OC making an impact to local society.
Even a bit, We thrive to contribute anything we can do to make tomorrow a better place.

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Who We Are


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What We Do


Pick N Earn Wa

Every 2nd & 4th Sunday morning(8am~9am), We do volunteer litter pickup at Downtown Santa Ana and Cerritos 91 fwy exit. At the same time sharing local people language and culture etc.. Let's join us✊🏻Take Action 🙋🏻‍

Home Help for Homies

Visit member's home to help anything that can't be done by themselves for things such as moving, cleaning, gardening, carrying heavy stuff etc for an hour. Simply the more people the easier🏋🏻‍Take Action 🙋🏻‍

Give a Ride

Giving a ride to member who in need. In California you need a ride to go anywhere you want to go. WaninaruWans help out those who happen to not have one for free.
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WaninaruWa Policy

We follow these guidlines when in Activities

  • Never Overdo
  • Stay positive
  • Enjoy every moment
  • Pro-active
  • Do not abuse 'Wa' connection to pull into Network Business(MLM) or any investment

Also we separate litter to recycles and complete trash.
We take recycles to recycle and maintain necessary resources for activities with that earning each time.

  • Trash Bags
  • Rubber groves
  • Sanitizer

New day starts
Normal,orthodox day that given
You can waste the day doing nothing or do good deed
It is very important [What] you do [Today]
because we spend a day for it out of your life
When [Tomorrow] comes [Today] will be gone [Forever]
You will leave [Past] behind as your life history
Hope that will be something positive..